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AFB Culture
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Tests Included
AFB culture and AFB Smear
In House
Additional Test Information

Respiratory: Sputum, bronchial washings and bronchial brushings in sterile containers with no additives are acceptable for AFB culture. Preferred volume is 5-10 ml but less is acceptable. Three sputum samples should be collected 8-24 hours apart and should include at least one first morning specimen

Urine collected in a sterile cup is acceptable for AFB culture. 24-hour collection is unacceptable. First morning specimen is preferred

Stool in a sterile container with no additives are acceptable for AFB culture only if patient is confirmed HIV positive.

Other: Body fluids, tissues, drainage and aspirates are acceptable. Preferred minimum volume is 5 ml but less is acceptable.

Blood See AFB Blood Culture

Sample Type
See additional test information
Collection Container
Sterile container
Collecting Volume
See additional test information
Storage or Stability
Ambient; refrigerated if transport to lab is delayed >1hr. May be refrigerated for 24 hours.
Causes For Rejection
E-Swab not acceptable
Not Available STAT
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