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Name of Test
Vitamin C Reference Lab
Alternate Names
LC 001805, Ascorbic Acid
SoftLab Order Code
Epic Order Name
Vitamin C, RefLab 001805
Epic Order ID
Reference Lab
Additional Test Information
Collect blood by venipuncture into a green-top containing lithium heparin and mix immediately by gentle inversion at least six times to ensure adequate mixing. Plasma must be separated from cells immediately after venipuncture and transferred to light-protected tube. Separated plasma must be placed on dry ice for shipment within 4 hours of separation.
Sample Type
Plasma Frozen Protect from Light
Collection Container
Lt Green Lithium Heparin Tube - Protect from Light
Collecting Volume
2.0 mL
Minimum Collecting Volume
1.0 mL (will not permit repeat testing)
Storage or Stability
Immediately separate and freeze plasma.
Causes For Rejection
Anticoagulants other than lithium heparin; specimen not protected from light, thawed samples
Not Available STAT
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