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Name of Test
Fecal Fat, Qualitative, Random Stool, RefLab
Alternate Names
LC 001677
SoftLab Order Code
Epic Order Name
Fecal Fat, Qualitive, (Random Stool) RefLab 001677
Epic Order ID
Reference Lab
Sample Type
Stool - Fresh Random
Collection Container
Sterile container - screw cap vial
Collecting Volume
Minimum Collecting Volume
0.5g (will not permit repeat testing)
Storage or Stability
Refrigerate (Ambient acceptable for 14 days)
Causes For Rejection
Specimen contaminated with urine and/or water; specimen on outside of container; specimen containing interfering substances (eg, castor oil, bismuth, Metamucil®, barium)
Patient Preparation
Patient should be on a diet containing at least 60 g of fat. The patient should not use suppositories or mineral oil before the specimen is collected. Oily material (eg, creams, lubricants, etc) should be avoided prior to collection of the specimen.
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