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Name of Test
Alternate Names
Coronavirus 19, Wuhan Coronavirus, Novel Coronavirus, SARS-CoV-2
SoftLab Order Code



COVPT - Panther Covid19 TMP

COVID - LabCorp

ENCOV- Endotracheal Aspirates or Sputum for Covid to Mayo

Epic Order Name

ED/Inpatient - Search COVID19 Diagnosis

Outpatient - Search Covid

Epic Order ID

ED/Inpatient - Search COVID19 Diagnosis

Outpatient - Search Covid

Additional Test Information

When ordering for ED or Inpatients, you may only order testing by using the COVID19 Diagnosis Panel. Using this panel will direct the ordering provider to the correct test

Acceptable specimens for in-house testing include: NP Swabs and Mid-turbinate swabs. Swabs should be placed in a collection kit provided by WakeMed Microbiology. NOTE: Specimens collected in saline cannot be used for Respiratory Pathogen panel (BioFire) testing

Acceptable specimens for reference lab testing include: Oropharyngeal (OP) collection in viral transport medium, ESwab, or saline. Nasopharyngeal (NP) swabs also accepted in viral transport medium (discard OP swab included with viral transport medium), ESwab, or saline. Anterior Nasal Swab in saline. OP or NP washes/aspirates in sterile cups. Bronchial washing or bronchoalveolar lavage (BAL) specimens in sterile cups. Endotracheal aspirates and Sputum in sterile cups.

Sample Type
NP swabs, Mid-Turbinate swabs, Nasal washes, Oropharyngeal swabs, BAL, Bronchial Washings, Endotracheal aspirates, sputum - see Additional test informaiton
Collection Container
Varies - see additional test information
Storage or Stability
Refrigerate for transport.
Causes For Rejection
Swabs with calcium alginate or cotton tips; swabs with wooden shafts; refrigerated samples greater than 72 hours old; room temperature specimen >72 hrs. old
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