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Name of Test
POC/Tissue Microarray, RefLab
Alternate Names
510110 LC, Reveal® SNP Microarray-Products of Conception (POC)/Tissue
SoftLab Order Code
Epic Order Name
POC/Tissue Microarray, RefLab, 510110
Epic Order ID
Tests Included
# of genotyping targets,
array type,
Reference Lab
Sample Type
Preferred nonfixed tissue or products of conception (POC)/placental villus biopsy; formalin-fixed paraffin-embedded tissue;
Collection Container
Sterile container containing sterile Ringer's lactate or Hanks' balanced salt solution or transport medium provided by the laboratory.
Collecting Volume
>2 to 4 mm³ tissue; 10 unstained tissue slides
Storage or Stability
Causes For Rejection
Quantity not sufficient for analysis; necrotic tissue submitted
Aseptically obtain a small piece of fetal tissue that does not appear necrotic. If specimen is a POC, placental villi or membranes may be the only fetal-derived tissue available, and an effort should be made to submit these tissues rather than maternal
Not Available STAT
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