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Name of Test
Glucose Tolerance 2 Hour OB
Alternate Names
GTT 2 hour OB
SoftLab Order Code
Epic Order Name
Glucose Tolerance 2 Hour OB
Epic Order ID
Tests Included
Glucose Tolerance, Fasting Specimen
Glucose Tolerance, 1 Hour Specimen
Glucose Tolerance, 2 Hour Specimen
In house
All campuses
Additional Test Information
***This test is for pregnant patients. Use Diabetes Diagnostic for non-pregnant patients***
Sample Type
Collection Container
RST (Orange top - Rapid Serum Tube)
Collecting Volume
5.0 ml
Minimum Collecting Volume
1.0 ml
Storage or Stability
Patient Preparation
Fasting for eight hours
Collect a fasting specimen. Give 75g of glucola. Collect a 1hr and 2hr specimen
Not Available STAT
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