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Zika IGM, State Laboratory - Symptomatic Patients
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State Lab
Additional Test Information
IMPORTANT NOTE: This test is for patients demonstrating symptoms and will require approval by the State Lab If your patient is asymptomatic please order a Miscellaneous Laboratory Test, Zika IGM LabCorp #136049

Requires state lab form be completed.

State Lab Form

Urine testing is offered but must be accompanied by a serum specimen,

Other testing: If the NC Department of Public Health advises testing of other specimens – urine, amniotic fluid, cord blood, placental tissue - contact the Pathology Reference Laboratory for guidance on specimen collection. A separate order should be placed for each specimen type with the order comment indicating the type of specimen as well as the as the request for Zika Virus testing. All non-blood specimens should be submitted in a sterile container.

Sample Type
Serum or Serum/Urine
Collection Container
SST (Gold Serum Separator Tube). Urine (Sterile container) may be tested but must be accompanied by a serum sample. All Zika testing requires a Form
Collecting Volume
10 mL (2 RST or SST Tubes)
Minimum Collecting Volume
6.0 mL
Storage or Stability
Must be accompanied by appropriate state lab form
Not Available STAT
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