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January 08, 2020
Recipe Corner: Soups & Stews

The comforting and nourishing benefits of soup are plenty – most everyone can agree that there’s little more soothing than a warm bowl of chicken soup on a cold day or when you’re feeling under the weather.  Here’s a few to try this month! View a printable version of this. Chicken Lentil Barley Stew Serves … [read more]

January 08, 2020
Vasectomy Q&A – Everything You Need to Know

For the Men – Vasectomy 101 Getting a vasectomy is a big decision – although our experts say making the decision is far more difficult than the procedure itself. Here, we talk with urologist Dr. Ian Udell to explore the top questions most men (and their significant others!) may have about this permanent form of … [read more]

January 06, 2020
For the Women – To Tie or Not?

Women have so many options for contraception these days, it can be overwhelming. For those interested in permanent contraception, a tubal ligation (historically known as having your tubes tied) is a great option for many. Hear from WakeMed OB/GYN, Dr.  Chantel Roedner, about this popular method of permanent birth control. Q: How do you know … [read more]

January 06, 2020
Medical Weight Loss: Why It’s Effective

It’s time to kick off a healthy new year!  Losing weight is one of the best ways to improve your overall health, reduce your risk factors for chronic diseases, and improve your confidence. If you’re tired of trying the latest fad diet each new year, it might be a great time to learn about how … [read more]

January 03, 2020
What’s New & Next at WakeMed Cary Hospital

Hello, my name is Tom Gough and I’m WakeMed’s Senior Vice President & Administrator of Community Hospitals. That means I have the incredible opportunity to work with and for the community to make sure Cary Hospital is the best place in the region to meet the growing healthcare needs of you and your neighbors. Like … [read more]

January 03, 2020
Fighting the Flu – Do You Know What to Do?

Flu season is ramping up here in the Triangle – according to the CDC, North Carolina’s flu activity has increased to “Widespread” status as of late December and WakeMed has seen a definite spike in cases. Nationally, the CDC estimates that there have been at least 3.7 million cases, 32,000 hospitalizations and 1,800 deaths from … [read more]

December 23, 2019
Starting Fresh (and Healthier) in the New Year

It’s that time again. Many of us have spent several weeks being out of our normal routine, navigating too much food, stress, and travel while not getting enough sleep. “Detoxing” from the Holidays The holidays are a wonderful time of the year, but they can often leave us physically and emotionally drained. It’s only natural … [read more]

December 23, 2019
Your Nutritional Year in Review

What a year it’s been!  If you follow health news, your head is probably spinning with hidden dangers and surprising benefits of many foods. It’s hard to keep track of it all. Is butter terrible or healthy now?  What about eggs?  Should I toss out my coconut oil or put it in my coffee?  Should … [read more]

December 21, 2019
Bariatrics Corner: Are New Year’s Resolutions Really a Good Idea?

Most of us do it every year. We resolve to change our health and lifestyle starting January 1. Then, over the course of the year, our exciting goals and big plans fall by the wayside in a wave of frustration. So we may question if setting a New Year’s resolution really is worth it. The … [read more]

December 16, 2019
Taking Control of Your Diabetes

The link between diabetes and heart disease is undeniable – and it’s a correlation that’s been researched for decades leading back to the 1948 Framingham Heart Study. This study was the first to identify many of the risk factors that today allow us to prevent heart disease – including diabetes. Taking control of your diabetes … [read more]

December 16, 2019
Why I Give: Marco Rodriguez

Each year, the WakeMed Foundation’s Community Campaign offers an opportunity to support hospital programs and services. We sat down with Marco Rodriguez, a local leader and Foundation supporter, to talk about why he gives back to the people and places that make this community great. I’m originally from Venezuela. I lived in Oklahoma for 13 … [read more]

December 15, 2019
Happy & Healthy New Year’s Eve Recipes

It’s almost here…New Year’s Eve, which in means parties, sequins and tons of sparkle, funny hats, watching the ball drop, and of course, FOOD. Crunchy, salty, warm, cheesy, sweet, spicy, cool, delicious snack food. If you enjoy hosting or bringing something wherever you go, we understand how important it is to take care of yourself, … [read more]

December 11, 2019
Living With Heart Failure During the Holidays

Several years ago, a study published in the Clinical Research in Cardiology journal reported that hospitalizations for heart failure patients tend to spike just after the holidays. Experts presume some unhealthy holiday habits – like eating high-salt foods, lack of exercise and the stress associated with travel may contribute to these numbers. Here at WakeMed, … [read more]

December 09, 2019
Healthy Pregnancies: Give Your Baby a Head Start

Pregnancy can be both exciting and scary, especially if it’s your first child. But there are things you can start doing today to keep your baby healthy and make your pregnancy easier. The first step is to schedule a visit with your doctor, if you haven’t already. There will be a lot more of these … [read more]

December 05, 2019
A Better Patient Experience for C-Section Deliveries

Recovering from surgery is tough on anyone, but for a mom who’s trying to care for a brand-new baby – it’s a more challenging scenario than most. Plus, managing pain after a surgical procedure often involves the use of narcotics – which isn’t an ideal situation for a breastfeeding mom or a newborn baby. That’s … [read more]

December 03, 2019
Why I Give: Brenda Gibson

“WakeMed is the hospital in this community looking after the people in this community. The mission of WakeMed is so different than any other organization. There is a culture at WakeMed of people wanting to help.” [read more]

November 25, 2019
Savor the Flavor of Heart Healthy Pumpkin

Fall is finally here and while pumpkin spice is all the rage this time of year, most of the processed pumpkin-flavored foods you find on grocery shelves don’t provide all the wonderful heart healthy benefits real pumpkin has to offer. Using real pumpkin – whether straight from the farm or out of a can – … [read more]

November 22, 2019
Our Love Light Family: Stacy and Jonathan Holley

In January, Stacy and Jonathan Holley of Raleigh found out they were pregnant and were overwhelmed with joy. On February 12, that joy was tripled when their OB/GYN discovered Stacy was pregnant with triplets. Three baby boys! The Holleys did as any expecting couple would do. They told family and friends the exciting news, began … [read more]

November 20, 2019
WakeMed Named One of the Nation’s 50 Top Cardiovascular Hospitals 2020 by IBM Watson Health

WakeMed was today named one of the nation’s 50 Top Cardiovascular Hospitals by IBM Watson Health. The study spotlights the top-performing cardiovascular hospitals in the U.S. based on a balanced scorecard of publicly available clinical, operational and patient satisfaction metrics and data. Home to the WakeMed Heart Center and WakeMed Heart & Vascular Physicians, WakeMed … [read more]

November 18, 2019
Bariatrics Recipe Corner: Liquids for Thanksgiving Day…Try this!

Pumpkin Pie Protein Shake So here it is Thanksgiving and you are on an all liquid post-op diet for two weeks. Thanks to our friends at Bariatric Advantage, here is a recipe for liquid pumpkin pie!! Bariatric Advantage Pumpkin Pie Protein Shake INGREDIENTS 1 Scoop Bariatric Advantage- Vanilla Protein Powder 1 Cup of Skim Milk … [read more]

November 18, 2019
Bariatrics Recipe Corner: Thanksgiving Substitutes

View a printable version of this blog post. Sugar Free Egg Nog *This recipe is intended for patients who have successfully completed the Full Liquid phase and are in the semi-solid phase. INGREDIENTS 4 cups skim milk 1 cup fat free egg substitute (Egg Beaters) 3 tbsp Jell-O Sugar Free Instant Pudding Mix 6 packets … [read more]

November 14, 2019
Has Your Child Outgrown Their Pediatrician?

Adolescents experience many milestones on their road to adulthood, such as learning to drive or graduating high school.  One key milestone is the graduation from pediatric to adult health care. The American Academy of Pediatrics recommends that adolescents and their families have regular conversations with their pediatrician, as early as age 12, to discuss the … [read more]

November 14, 2019
World Prematurity Day is November 17

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), every year an estimated 15 million infants worldwide are born preterm (over 3 weeks early).  The Global Challenge of Preterm Birth Preterm birth affects families in every country. While more than 80 percent of preterm births occur in Asia and sub-Saharan Africa, the problem is universal. In fact, … [read more]

November 13, 2019
My Milk Bank Story: Natalia Summerville

I am a planner. My plan was to have a completely natural birth with exclusive breastfeeding. It was a plan written in stone, to the point of me refusing a butterfly catheter when I first got to the hospital for my delivery. Long story short – my birthing plan flew out the window. I had … [read more]

November 12, 2019
Activate Good to Host Family Volunteer Day Sponsored by WakeMed

On Saturday, November 23, 2019, Activate Good will be bringing together families from around the Triangle in recognition of Family Volunteer Day – a day of service that celebrates the power of families who volunteer together while supporting their local communities. A Way to Give Back to the Community Established more than two decades ago … [read more]

November 01, 2019
Cholesterol & Your Heart: Know Your Numbers

We may know that cholesterol is related to heart disease and that it can build up in our arteries.  But where does it come from, how can we lower it, and when should we consider medication? Where does cholesterol come from? Our bodies make cholesterol in a tightly-controlled process that is influenced by genetics.  Cholesterol … [read more]

October 31, 2019
Tricks to a Healthier Halloween!

Happy Halloween!  If you’re feeling a little anxious about how to navigate this candy-filled holiday, you’re not alone. Parents in particular may feel a little stressed. They want their children to avoid the same mistakes they made, and Halloween seems like a particularly good time to impart some wisdom. Maybe the holiday gives flashbacks of … [read more]

October 29, 2019
Dropping the Pills

One of the negative effects of obesity and its related diseases is the need for most sufferers to take many, if not dozens, of pills each day to manage various conditions including high cholesterol, high blood pressure and type II diabetes. These pills are often necessary, and even life-saving. Of course, every medicine also has … [read more]

October 23, 2019
Painful Periods (Dysmenorrhea)

View a printable version of this blog post here. Why do my periods hurt so much? During your period, your uterus makes chemicals called “prostaglandins”. Prostaglandins cause contractions of the uterus, which causes pain. These contractions are similar to the ones that happen during childbirth and can be very painful.  They may begin 1-2 days … [read more]

October 23, 2019
A Healthy Weight and Body Image for Teenage Girls

As a parent, you may be noticing unhealthy changes in your teenage daughter’s weight and you worry about the effects on her health and body image.  While your daughter might feel upset or worried about her weight, it’s important for parents to address it but in a sensitive way that focuses on your teenage daughter’s … [read more]

October 17, 2019
Plan a Healthier Trip to the State Fair This Year!

Planning a trip to the State Fair?  Think you need a day off to recover from the food?  Visit the State Fair’s Food & Ride Finder to plan your day and find a little balance. You can access a complete vendor list to choose the treats you’re most looking forward to trying.  It’s also a … [read more]

October 17, 2019
My Milk Bank Donor Story: Melissa Miller

Although I had taken a birthing class and previously delivered at WakeMed, I had no idea the Mothers’ Milk Bank was there, let alone that it provided much-needed breast milk to so many NICU babies. On November 7th, 2017 that changed. At 39 weeks gestation, during the early stages of labor, my daughter’s heart stopped … [read more]

October 15, 2019
Get SMART About Goal Setting

Once you have committed to what you want to achieve, no matter what area of your life, the next step is to set a goal. Goal setting helps you to concentrate on your efforts and keeps you motivated. If previous health and wellness goals have left you discouraged or frustrated, try setting S.M.A.R.T (Specific, Measurable, Attainable/Achievable, Realistic, … [read more]

October 09, 2019
Healthier Versions of Your Favorite Recipes

With baking season right around the corner, it is inevitable that sweet treats high in calories, added sugars and saturated fats will abound. If you are on the receiving end, these baked goodies can be enjoyed as part of a well-balanced diet by keeping portion sizes in check. Otherwise, try the following tips at home … [read more]

September 13, 2019
September is Suicide Prevention Awareness Month

Suicidal thoughts, much like mental health conditions, can affect anyone regardless of age, gender or background. In fact, suicide is often the result of an untreated mental health condition. In 2016 alone, nearly 45,000 individuals died by suicide, leaving behind their friends and family members to navigate the tragedy of loss. Suicide Risk Factors Risk … [read more]

September 09, 2019
Back to School Lunch Packing Pointers

A healthy lunch that your child will actually eat – many parents struggle to find those nutritious and delicious items to pack in their kids’ lunch. Here are some common problems that parents face and some helpful ideas. Crunched for Time Prep lunches the night before while making dinner or right after dinner while doing … [read more]

August 15, 2019
Sizzlin’ Summer Seafood Your Heart Will Love

As North Carolinians, we’re incredibly fortunate to live relatively close to the coast. Just two hours away, there is an ocean full of abundant, heart-healthy seafood that can offer a great change of pace for your summer diet. From North Carolina snapper to catfish, blue crab and clams, indulging in the wealth of seafood our … [read more]

August 15, 2019
Recipe Corner: “Snappy” North Carolina Red Snapper with Avocado Salsa

This seasonal summer recipe was created by WakeMed executive chef Adam C. Smith and takes advantage of one of our coast’s most plentiful and heart healthy fishes. Flavored with cayenne pepper, the heat of the “snappy” dish can be easily adjusted by adding more or less cayenne. View a printable version of this recipe. INGREDIENTS … [read more]

August 07, 2019
Fight Child Hunger at the Farmers Market!

In North Carolina, 1 out of every 5 children is at risk of hunger. Hungry children face immense challenges at school: it is hard to focus on an empty stomach, and they are more likely to repeat a grade or suffer health problems. With the school year fast approaching, the Wake Med Farmers Market is … [read more]

August 02, 2019
WakeMed All Access App

WakeMed is now releasing a new app on both the Apple app store and the Google Play store called WakeMed All Access. The app includes a large number of features that will be of use to anyone thinking about their medical needs. Wayfinding at Your Fingertips One of the numerous features that is particularly interesting … [read more]

July 10, 2019
Erin Leanhardt: My Experience as a WakeMed Mothers’ Milk Bank Donor

My fourth child, a beautiful sweet baby girl, Lyra Noelle, was placed into our arms last October.  I was so relieved labor was over, yet one look in her tiny face told me something was different from my other children. “Down Syndrome” were the two words not yet spoken by anyone in the delivery room, … [read more]

July 10, 2019
Bariatrics Recipe Corner: Barbecue Turkey Meatballs

View a printable version of this recipe. Barbecue Turkey Meatballs Serving size: 4 meatballs and 1/3 cup tomato sauce Servings per recipe: 4 INGREDIENTS 2 tbsp. Splenda® Brown Sugar Blend 2 ½ tbsp. apple cider vinegar 1 tsp cumin ½ tsp paprika ¼ tsp ground cloves 1 can diced tomatoes with mild green chilis 1 … [read more]

July 09, 2019
Bariatric Recipe Corner: Apricot Glazed Ham

The following is a great and tasty option for bariatric patients or those considering bariatric surgery. Give this simple recipe a try today! View a printable version of this recipe. Apricot Glazed Ham INGREDIENTS 4 lbs cooked lean ham 2 cups diet ginger ale ½ cup Walden Farms Calorie Free Apricot Fruit Spread ¼ cup … [read more]

July 09, 2019
Eggs Plus Recipe

Eggs have received a bad rap for many years due to the saturated fat content that is found in the yolk. However, current research has shown that moderate amounts of saturated fats are essential for the body and aid in hormone production and boosting healthy HDL cholesterol levels. The Nutritional Value of an Egg Yolk … [read more]

July 09, 2019
Recipe Corner: Farmers Market Chopped Vegetable Salad

View a printable version of this blog post. Farmers Market Chopped Vegetable Salad Salad Ingredients: 4 cups mixed greens (mesclun, baby spinach, or arugula) 1/4 cup chopped carrots 1 diced tomato 1 diced fennel bulb 1 diced cucumber 1/2 diced red onion 1/4 cup roasted pumpkin seeds Avocado Dressing Ingredients: 1 avocado 1 cup Greek … [read more]

July 08, 2019
Mindfulness in the Work Place

The average American work day consists of nine “high stress” hours in a fast paced work environment.  Meeting a deadline, balancing conference calls, and a large amount of time spent staring at a computer screen has become the norm.  This new norm can negatively impact both your physical health and your mental health. Yoga and … [read more]

July 08, 2019
WakeMed ENERGIZE! Because Not Every Child is an Athlete

Tara, a fitness instructor, personal trainer and mother of three learned just as much as – if not more – than her daughter from WakeMed ENERGIZE!, and we are so pleased that she shared her experience with us. Below is Tara’s story. Have a story you’d like to share with us? Email us: info@wakemed.org and … [read more]

July 02, 2019
Beat the Heat: A Note About Heat-Related Illness

Most often, people heed warnings and stay inside when North Carolina’s humid, record-breaking summer temperatures first hit.  But as these temperatures settle in to stay a while, people may not be as cautious in avoiding extended exposure in the heat as they go about their daily routines.  3 Tips from WakeMed Physicians #1 – Stay … [read more]

July 01, 2019
Fireworks Safety Tips

Fireworks are often used to mark special events and holidays, such as the 4th of July. However, they are not safe in the hands of consumers. Fireworks cause thousands of injuries each year. People can enjoy fireworks safely if they follow a few simple safety tips: Fireworks Safety Tips DO… #1 – Always supervise children … [read more]

June 25, 2019
Water Safety, Rip Currents – Enjoy Summer Fun, but Stay Safe!

*source: Safe Kids NC It’s officially summer and the staggering statistics are out: Eight drowning deaths have been reported along North Carolina’s coast in the past month. The cause of six of them? Rip currents. More than 50 rip currents have been reported at North Carolina’s beaches so far in 2019. Twenty-five of them were located … [read more]

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