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It’s Toy Safety Season

November 24, 2015

It’s toy season and holiday shoppers are on the hunt for the latest, most fun and exciting gifts for their favorite little ones. But did you know that not all toys are safe?  Some products contain unsafe substances, small parts or loose magnets that can seriously harm the health of our children.

Education is key and the WakeMed Children’s Emergency Department, NC PIRG, Wake County Human Services and Safe Kids Wake County have partnered to help spread the word about NC PIRG’s annual Trouble in Toyland report.

The report lists specific toys to avoid and provides guidelines for parents, grandparents and other gift givers to follow when selecting a toy for a child.

NC PIRG Ed Fund staff examined and tested hundreds of toys for things like:

  • Phthalate levels which may harm development of the male reproductive system, and is linked to early puberty.
  • Chromium levels which can cause severe allergic reactions including skin redness, swelling, and ulcers. Chromium compounds are also known to cause cancer.
  • Labeling for Small Parts, Balls, Balloons
  • Loose or Small Magnets which can cause serious intestinal problems in children if swallowed
  • Excessive Noise which can lead to hearing loss.
  • Lead levels which can undermine IQ, attentiveness, and academic achievement.

As the leading provider of children’s healthcare in Wake County, we encourage you to download and read the entire report before beginning your holiday shopping.  The risks of illnesses and injuries are real and we see the negative effects of unsafe products every year in our Children’s Emergency Department.

It is also a very good idea to sign up for announcements of government recalled products and to report all unsafe toys or injuries from toys to the Consumer Product Safety Commission.

Thank you NC PIRG for helping to keep the kids in our community safe this holiday season!