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Hey Soccer Fans! Stretch to Avoid Injury, Plus Youth Sports Injury Prevention Clinic on Aug. 9

June 26, 2014

With the 2014 World Cup in full swing, soccer is in the air all around us. Now is a good time to remind soccer players, especially those who are new to the sport, about the importance of warming up and stretching before putting a foot to the ball. Why? To avoid serious injury and to play at your peak right from the starting whistle. Start by warming up with five to ten minutes of light activity, such as jogging. Then follow these stretching guidelines:


  • Don’t bounce or jerk when you stretch.
  • Gently stretch to a point of tension — NO PAIN.
  • Hold stretches for 30 seconds.
  • Repeat three to five times.

For more advice from the WakeMed Rehab team and a directory of different stretches for warm-up, strenghtening and agility specific to soccer, visit this link.

Young athletes (age 10+) may also want to take part in our Youth Sports Injury Prevention Clinic to be held on Saturday, August 9, at the WakeMed Soccer Park at 4:30 pm. Parents and coaches are also invited to attend. All registratnts will receive free tickets to that night’s Carolina RailHawks soccer match versus the Tampa Bay Rowdies (7:30 pm). Learn more. We hope to see you there!