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WakeMed Rehab - Brain Injury Rehabilitation System (BIRS)

WakeMed's Brain Injury Rehabilitation System is the area's largest and most comprehensive brain injury program, serving over 200 brain injury survivors a year. Our inpatient hospital and outpatient brain injury programs are CARF accredited for adults and children & adolescents. 

It is an integrated continuum of care capable of providing rehabilitative services to brain injury survivors of all levels of acuity and severity. Rehabilitative services are often initiated within 24 hours of injury. Other regional trauma centers often refer patients for rehabilitative services as soon as they are medically stabilized. 

The goal of early intervention is to prevent secondary disability and shorten acute hospital stays by facilitating transition to a full rehabilitation setting sooner. When it comes to brain injury, early rehabilitation intervention is associated with better outcomes. 

  • Neuro Care Unit A dedicated unit specializing in the treatment of the most severe brain injuries. These patients often vary in their ability to participate in and tolerate therapy. The Neuro Care unit allows for highly individualized treatment carefully adapted to each patient's needs and capabilities.
  • Rehabilitation Hospital
    An inpatient rehabilitation hospital serving more moderate brain injury survivors. These patients receive 24-hour rehabilitation nursing, participate in three and a half hours of therapy per day and have an average length of stay of 19 days. Treatment is driven by the patient's level of cognitive function and recovery.
  • Day Treatment Programs
    WakeMed's Raleigh Campus day treatment program is for survivors with milder brain injuries or those who have recovered from more severe injuries. These patients no longer require inpatient medical support and reside in the community; however, they still need fairly intensive rehabilitative services. Treatment at this phase is geared toward re-entry to community, school or work.  Almost as important as treatment of the survivor is the need for education for and support of the survivor's family. Family education is initiated as early as possible and continues throughout the survivor's participation in BIRS. Linked below are educational material samples. Clinical case managers coordinate care, provide support and help families navigate the difficult and complex process of recovery from brain injury. Family support groups are also available.

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WakeMed's BIRS is the area's only program accredited by the Commission on the Accreditation Rehabilitative Facilities (CARF) for the provision of brain injury, inpatient and outpatient services for both children and adults.

 Brain Injury Patient Education Notebook:  Here you'll find detailed information on tramautic brain injuries, impact on living, BIRS treatment, the family's role, and much more pertaining to brain injury rehabilitation.

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 Brain Injury Rehab Hospital Outpatient Outcomes

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WakeMed Rehab is home to 12 CARF accredited rehab programs.