Outreach Services

Outreach Services. . . Your Community Resource for the Practice of Medicine

The Pathology Laboratories at WakeMed provide both clinical laboratory and anatomic pathology outreach services for physicians in the greater Triangle area. We provide outstanding customer service with personalized follow-through from specimen pick-up to report delivery. Our clients utilize the expertise of our team of board-certified pathologists who are easily accessible for consultation contributing to unsurpassed patient care. 

How do I order tests?   
Laboratory orders can be placed electronically through the Epic electronic medical records system once access and/or connectivity are/is established.

How are specimens picked up?

WakeMed provides courier services for specimen pick-up.

How are reports received?

The moment the test is resulted, reports can be received electronically through Epic or your practice management system. If you prefer, reports can be faxed.

How do Home Health Agencies make after hours deliveries?

If you need to make a delivery outside of normal business hours, please directly contact the lab where you will be making your delivery

Whom should I contact for further information?

Contact Pathology Laboratory Outreach Services at (919) 350-7821 for more detailed information or to set up an in-office visit.

Specimen Labeling Guidelines                            

WakeMed Laboratories requires that specimens be labeled with the following patient and collection information.  Specimens received at the WakeMed processing center without the required information may result in testing delay.

Clinical Specimens
• Print last name, first name and middle initial of patient
• Patient's date of birth and/or Social Security number
• Date, time and initial of person collecting the specimen

Histology & Cytology Specimens
• Print last name, first name and middle initial of patient
• Patient's date of birth and/or Social Security number
• The specimen identity clearly labeled on each container

Specimen Transport Guidelines

• All Specimens MUST be placed in a biohazard specimen bag for transport.
• The specimen should be placed in the back press-seal section of the bag and sealed for transport.