Neonatal Intensive Care

Proud to be a Nationally Certified Training Center for Developmentally Supportive Care

Not all babies come into the world the same way. Some require physicians and nurses who specialize in high-risk obstetric care, an expert team of maternal fetal medicine specialists and the clinical expertise, vast experience and technological resources available in the neonatal nursery or intensive care.

At WakeMed, we are proud to offer high level neonatal expertise.

What makes us special:

All this means we are able to provide the very best patient- and family-centered care for the tiniest babies, but don’t take our word for it. Our outcomes speak for themselves.


Visitation Restrictions

Due to significant RSV in our community, the NICU, PICU and Children’s Hospital are currently restricting visitation for children under the age of 12.

For most otherwise healthy adults and children, RSV symptoms are much like a bad cold.  For very young patients or those with preexisting conditions like asthma or other illnesses, RSV can be very serious and even life threatening.

Help prevent the spread of RSV to Children's Hospital, PICU and NICU patients by not visiting if you are sick and by restricting visitation of younger siblings, family and friends.

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