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Commitment to Quality

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Care Provider Expectations

Quality Expectations

 At WakeMed, we have set certain expectations for all hospital staff.  These expectations are meant to make your hospital stay more comfortable and safer.

  • Introduction: All employees wear WakeMed identification badges and will introduce themselves when they enter your room.
  • Identification: Your nurse or doctor will confirm your identity by checking your wristband and asking your name before administering any medication or treatment. You may be asked to confirm your procedure by more than one health care provider. While this may seem redundant, it is part of our efforts to make sure everything is correct.
  • Surgical Site Identification: If you're having surgery, a nurse will put a site identifier at the surgery location just to make sure that there's no confusion in the operating room. You will also be asked several times to confirm what type of procedure you are having.
  • Medication: Your nurse will give you all of your medications and will ask you several questions to confirm who you are and that the medications are correct. If you are concerned that you are about to be given the wrong medication, it is important for you to speak up and let us know. Learn more about medication safety.
  • Infection Prevention: Your caregivers should wash their hands or use hand sanitizing gel before contact with you.  Notice whether your caregivers have washed their hands. Hand washing is the single most important way to prevent the spread of infections. Don't be afraid to remind a doctor or nurse to do this.

Never hesitate to tell the health care professional if you think he or she has not washed their hands, mistaken you for another patient, or are about to give you the wrong medication.  For your safety, it is important that you speak up.

Additional questions to ask your health care provider.




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