Remote Access Center

Citrix Access
The vast majority of WakeMed employees and contractors can access databases, email and applications including Epic using Citrix. Citrix even works great on mobile devices.

Launch Citrix

Note: First Time Users
First time users will need to take an extra step prior to using Citrix. Follow the following instructions to get started.

Supported Platforms Include:

Virtual Desktop

In a few cases, you may find that the application you need will not work in the Citrix environment. If this is true for you, please access the WakeMed network using the Virtual Desktop.

Launch Virtual Desktop

First Time Users
First time users follow these instructions to get started.


Employees in certain departments, like Information Services, that need full access to the WakeMed network may use VPN.  If you are able to do your job without using a VPN connection, please use Citrix to log into the network.  Contact the WakeMed IS Help Desk at 919-350-8700 or if you have problems. 

Launch VPN