Citrix Instructions for Mac

WakeMed Citrix Remote Access Instructions for Mac Users

1. Enter into your Safari web browser and Enter key:

Mac Install 1

2. This will take you to the Citrix Remote Access logon page.

Mac Install 2

3. This will take you to the Citrix Remote Access logon page where you will enter your network username and password and click the Log On button:

Mac Install 3

4. If you do not already have the Citrix client installed, the screen below will display and you can download it by selecting Install.
If you already have the Citrix client installed, you will be automatically redirected to the web page in step 14.

Mac Install 4

5. Now, you will see the following screenshot prompting your dual authentication through Duo Security.  Complete the dual authentication process as instructed.  If you have any trouble installing or using Duo Security, please contact the Help Desk by calling 919-350-8700.


6. The screen below will display while the client is downloading:

Mac Install 5

7. Select the down –arrow button at the top right and double-click on the file to open the download:

Mac Install 6

8. In the Citrix Online Plug-in window, double-click on the Install Citrix Online Plug-in.pkg icon:

Mac Install 7

9. Click Continue on the window below:

Mac Install 8

10. Click Continue again:

Mac Install 9

11. Click Agree to accept the license agreement:

Mac Install 10

12. Click Install:

Mac Install 11

13. Enter your Mac (not WakeMed) username and password for the installer and then click Install Software:

Mac Install 12

14. If the install is successful, the message below will display and click Close:

Mac Install 13

15. The Citrix Web Interface will now load and just click on any application to open
(below is a sample as you will only see the applications that you have permission to access):

Mac Install 14