Health Education Classes

Presented by WakeMed health care professionals, the following classes provide concise, practical and entertaining information on a variety of health topics. Classes are interactive and may include a range of teaching tools such as: visual displays, models, DVD segments, PowerPoint slides, computer quizzes, games and handouts.

From nutrition and heart disease, to sun safety and stress management, these sessions provide valuable health information to participants at their worksite in a casual and relaxing environment. Choose from the menu below or a customized class can be developed to meet your specific needs.

Nutrition Classes

Are You Drinking Your Calories?
What's in your drink? See a comparison of the sugar content in typical drinks. Learn how extra sugar consumed in beverages can contribute to weight gain and affect overall nutrition.

Fluid Facts for Exercisers
What types of fluids do avid exercisers really need to stay hydrated and perform at their best? What to stay away from and what to keep handy at home or at the gym.

Portion Distortion
What's in a serving? How much should you eat? A fun and entertaining way to give guidance on what the daily recommended serving sizes are for a variety of foods.

DON'T Supersize Me!
Does that extra 5-10 pounds really make a difference? Tired of loosening that belt another notch? Learn the basics of weight management and avoid being a part of our super-sized nation.

Eating on the Go
What to eat, when to eat, where to eat. Keep your eating habits simple and realistic. This class provides guidelines for making healthy choices when preparing a meal, grabbing a snack or eating out.

Just Move it! Metabolism Basics
What does metabolism mean? How can you change it? How does your metabolism affect your weight loss efforts? A WakeMed dietitian will discuss how losing weight effectively isn't just about cutting calories - it's also about revving your engine regularly.

Nuts and Bolts
How might the foods we eat affect the quality and quantity of our life? This class, delivered by a WakeMed dietitian, addresses the health concerns and environmental causes associated with obesityrelated diseases. Learn what a balanced food plan looks like and gain a greater understanding of the nutritional purposes of the foods that make up your meal plan.

Label Me Lean
Learn to read a label and uncover the 'mystery' hidden in the ingredient list. Become familiar with the guidelines for amounts of essential nutrients required for optimal health.

Healthy Heart Classes

Women in Red: Talking about Heart Disease
How is heart disease different for women? What to look for and how to handle symptoms if they appear. Learn to reduce the risk of heart problems and when to seek medical attention.

Know Your Numbers
Which is the good and bad cholesterol? What does the systolic and diastolic value in your blood pressure really mean? What is BMI and why is it important? Discuss basic information about risk factor reduction related to heart disease and taking control of your health.

The Silent Killer: Understanding the Life and Death of Hypertension
What is hypertension? What causes elevated blood pressure levels? Why is it called the silent killer? Learn the key risk factors for hypertension and how to manage your blood pressure effectively.

Fitness Classes

Participants should wear comfortable clothing and shoes for activity. Fitness classes are led by a fitness specialist or personal trainer.

Get Up and Go Cardio
Learn some new exercises to get you energized while at work. This class will get you up and moving, while providing cardiovascular conditioning through a combination of low and high impact aerobics.

Stretching From Head to Toe
Participate in a variety of stretches from your head to your toes in order to improve your flexibility and loosen your joints. Beginning Yoga and Pilates exercises may be introduced to enhance the mind and body connection of stretching.

Do-It-Yourself Ther-a-band Exercises
Experience the Ther-a-band! Discover how to effectively use a piece of exercise equipment that can fit into your purse or pocket.This class will guide you through a variety of exercises you can do at work or at home to tone your muscles and improve your flexibility.

Sculpting a New You
Participants in this class will learn the basics of body sculpting and muscle toning through a variety of strengthening exercises. Sculpt your muscles and watch your body transform into a new you!

Energize Your Abs
Tone your tummy and strengthen your core by participating in a variety of abdominal exercises. Learn how to get the most out of your "ab" workout by engaging all four groups of abdominal muscles.

Have a Ball
As we age, one of the first physical fitness components to deteriorate is balance. Learn new ways to find "the balance" in your life by participating in different stability ball exercises.

Walk Off the Weight
Explore the benefits of walking and how to burn off the extra pounds. This class will teach you proper walking techniques, help you select the proper walking shoes, and explain walking intensities and programs. A short walk is included in this class.

Injury Prevention Classes

Ergonomics in the Workplace
Led by a physical therapist, this class will assess work stations and teach participants how to properly set up a workstation to minimize the risk of back, neck and joint pain.

Back to Basics
Led by a physical therapist, this class is designed to prevent or reduce the risk of back injuries. Back strengthening and stretching exercises will be performed, so wear comfortable clothing and shoes.

Body Mechanics: Is it Time for a Tune-up?
Explore proper body movement techniques to improve muscle and joint stability while minimizing pain. This class is led by a physical therapist.

Sun Sense and Staying Hydrated
How do you best protect the skin you're in? How do you know when you're dehydrated? Entertaining and realistic information is presented on how to stay safe in the sun.

Building Bones
Learn key components that will help you achieve peak bone health while minimizing your risk for osteoporosis. Explore the importance of adding calcium to your diet and weight-bearing exercises to your daily routine. Ask about our bone density screenings as an added component to this class.

Oh My Aching Joints!
Do your joints ever feel stiff, achy, or cause chronic pain? Have you lost normal range of motion in your joints? Learn how to recognize signs and symptoms of arthritis while discovering various methods used to prevent and treat painful joints. Participate in several exercises that will increase blood flow to the joint, reduce stiffness and swelling, and increase joint mobility.

Stress Management Classes

R-E-L-A-X!! This is a "No Stress" Work Zone
Learn how to recognize the effect stress has on your mental and physical health, then arm yourself with some practical ways to combat it and take control. Explore stress management techniques to practice at work and at home, such as guided relaxation, deep breathing, visual imagery, and calming music.

Men's and Women's Health Classes

"She" Health Issues
There's more to women's health than just seeing your OB/GYN once a year. Learn about the leading health concerns for women of all ages and how to stay on track from early adulthood through the senior years.

"He" Health Issues
Do you take care of your body as well as you take care of your car? Learn about the leading health concerns for men, how to reduce your risks for chronic health conditions, and practice early intervention strategies as a step toward taking responsibility for your health.

Other Health Classes

Aging Gracefully
It is possible to grow older with a bit more grace and style. Learn how to manage risk factors and reduce the incidence and severity of chronic diseases. With a little bit of effort, you can change your health age to become a "younger" you.

Ready to Quit? Tobacco Cessation
Depending on the readiness level of the group, this class can be designed to work for those just thinking about quitting, or for those highly motivated to begin the process of tobacco cessation. Preparation strategies, various quitting methods and coping skills will be presented.

Take Charge of Your Health
We all want to be savvy customers. Choosing a doctor, guidelines for preventive screenings, managing medications, getting a second opinion and more will be discussed in this class so that you feel confident about the health care choices you make daily.

Wellness Trivia or Wellness Bingo
Test your knowledge of health and wellness facts and figures with this fun, interactive, and entertaining game of Wellness Trivia or Wellness Bingo. Categories and health questions can be developed to suit the needs of your group. Works well with groups of 10 or more participants.

Boot the Bad Habits
Are you tired of old habits, but don't know where to start and how to make the change? Explore the readiness for change model while learning effective methods to incorporate new, healthier habits for success. Learn to set realistic, obtainable, and rewarding goals for yourself.

Fit Families
This class explores ways to include the entire family in healthy eating habits, physical activity, and staying safe. Incorporating healthy habits at home sets the stage for keeping your family well throughout their lifetime.

Advocating for Healthy Change in the Workplace
This class is designed for members of management or other staff who are interested in improving the health environment in which they work. From improving choices in the vending machines and catered meals for meetings, to tobacco-free policies and walking work meetings, this class can get your company started on a path to wellness in the workplace. 

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