How to Report a Compliance Concern

Doing the Right Thing

WakeMed encourages employee participation in reporting compliance issues or concerns. No retaliation or disciplinary action will be taken toward an individual who, in good faith, reports an issue or concern.

If you have questions concerning ethical or legal conduct or to report any potentially improper action, the following resources are available:

  • Contact your supervisor or manager
  • Call Compliance and Audit Services
  • Call the WakeMed Compliance Helpline

Your Compliance Contacts:

John Finley
Vice President, Chief Compliance & Privacy

Joanna Spruill
Director of Privacy

Sallie Bissette
Director of Integrity

WakeMed Compliance Helpline
The Compliance Helpline, 1-800-379-0279, is a contractor-operated anonymous hotline available to all WakeMed personnel. Personnel may call the confidential Compliance Helpline to ask questions concerning ethical or legal conduct, or to report any potentially improper action. Callers can report concerns anonymously and without fear of retribution. The reports must contain sufficient information for the Compliance Office to investigate the concern.