Summary of WakeMed's Compliance Program

WakeMed’s Corporate Compliance Program incorporates the seven fundamental compliance elements:

  • The development and distribution of written standards of conduct, as well as written policies and procedures that promote organizational commitment to compliance;
  • The designation of a compliance officer and other appropriate bodies;
  • The development and implementation of effective training and education for all staff;
  • The development and maintenance of effective lines of communication;
  • The enforcement of standards through well-publicized disciplinary guidelines;
  • The use of audits and other evaluation techniques to monitor compliance; and
  • The development of procedures to respond to detected offenses and to initiate corrective action

Our Purpose

The purpose of the Compliance Program is to promote understanding of and adherence to applicable federal and state laws and regulations and to make a sincere effort to prevent, detect and correct any fraud, abuse or waste in WakeMed in connection with federally funded health care programs and private health plans.  The Program applies to all associates of WakeMed, including members of the Board of Directors, employees, medical staff, Providers of Supervised Privileges (PSPs), students, volunteers, business associates, contractors and others within the WakeMed organization.

Our Commitment

The WakeMed Compliance Program proactively establishes a commitment to the organization’s high ethical standards of integrity and lawful corporate conduct and consists of four major components:

  • Policies and Procedures:   WakeMed has established hospital-wide compliance related policies and procedures that support Corporate Compliance initiatives.
  • Monitoring and Auditing: To ensure that all personnel follow the compliance program and its policies and procedures, WakeMed utilizes monitoring and auditing systems.
  • Communication and Training:  WakeMed communicates its compliance standards to all personnel by conducting training programs and disseminating information appropriate to individuals’ respective roles and responsibilities. Mandatory system wide orientation for new employees and the employee handbook provide an overview of fraud and abuse laws, a summary of the Code of Conduct*, an explanation of the elements of the Compliance Program, including the complaint or reporting process and highlight WakeMed’s commitment to integrity in its business operations and compliance with applicable laws and regulations.
  • Response and Prevention: When an offense is detected, WakeMed takes steps to respond appropriately to the offense to prevent further similar offenses from occurring in the future, including making the necessary modifications to its compliance program to prevent and detect violations.

* Code of Conduct in Spanish