Child Life Services

Are you a child life professional or a student interested in child life?  If so, please join us for our 2016 Child Life Conference.  Learn more.

Our Child Life Services team works to ensure that your child has a postive and stress-free experience while in the hospital.

WakeMed Child Life Specialists are located in different departments throughout the hospital system, including the:

Childrens Day Surgery

Meet Our Child Life Specialists

Helpful Resources, Created by Our Child Life Specialists

A Better Hospital Experience for Kids

Our Child Life Specialists focus on making your child's hospitalization a good experience by:

  • Reducing stress and anxiety for children, teens and family members regarding the medical environment and experiences
  • Preparing children, teens and families for hospitalization, surgery and medical procedures according to age/development
  • Facilitating distraction and coping during medical procedures and examinations according to age/development
  • Encouraging self expression and normalization through general play, medical play and therapeutic activities
  • Providing developmentally appropriate resources/activities (playrooms, movies, video games and crafts) to promote coping
  • Supporting the emotional and educational needs of parents, siblings and family members who are with the patient
  • Facilitating educational workshops, in-services and presentations highlighting the care of pediatric patients
  • Providing emotional support for families during pediatric cases of bereavement
  • Collaborating with other medical team members to create educational resources for patients, families and medical staff

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If you are interested in talking with a child life specialist, ask your nurse or call 919-350-8000 . You can also reach the child life specialists in each department directly.