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Financial Assistance & Charity Care Information

At WakeMed, our goal is to provide outstanding and thoughtful care to all who seek our services. We follow the American Hospital Association's billing and collection principles to:

  • Treat all patients equitably and with dignity, respect and compassion.
  • Serve the emergency health care needs of everyone, regardless of ability to pay.
  • Assist patients who cannot pay for part or all of the care they receive.
  • Run a financially responsible organization in order to provide continuous community access for needed medical services.

WakeMed realizes that the cost of health care is a concern for our patients. Any member of our financial staff will be glad to discuss payment arrangements with you or your designated responsible party.

To help you when making decisions, our registration staff can provide you with an estimate of the charges associated with the treatment and services you are expected to receive.

You may also inquire by phone using our Estimate Line at 919-350-7808 or by email at Please keep in mind that this is only an estimate. Actual charges may vary, depending on the treatment your physician orders for you. You are encouraged to ask us any questions relating to the services you may receive.

Following treatment you will receive a summary statement of the charges incurred while you were a patient. These charges will only reflect WakeMed's portion of the services. You may receive separate bills from physicians and other providers involved in your care. This summary statement of charges will be followed by additional notices requesting payment of the bill, and outlining your options for doing so.

WakeMed offers several options to assist you in paying your bill:

Uninsured/Self-Pay Discount
WakeMed offers all self-pay and uninsured patients an automatic 50% discount for services not covered under any other pre-arranged discount. This discount will be automatically applied to your bill.

Eligibility for Medicaid or other Government Assistance

WakeMed provides financial counselors that can help you determine if you may be eligible for Medicaid, or other government assistance.

They are available to all patients upon request throughout or following the time you receive care.

Do I Qualify for Financial Assistance to Pay My Medical Bills? 

We Are Here to Help.
Call 919-350-8359 to speak to
a WakeMed Financial Analyst.

WakeMed continues to offer help to patients who:

  • Do not qualify for Medicaid or other government health care financial assistance programs
  • Meet the program's eligibility criteria (see below)
  • Complete and return the application for financial assistance and all supporting documentation to WakeMed within 30 days of the date on the patient liability letter you receive from WakeMed. 

Supporting documentation (pay stubs, tax returns and other information requested by the patient's WakeMed financial analyst) must also be included with the application in order for it to qualify as complete.

Eligibility Criteria

Patients who apply for financial assistance to pay for medical bills must meet certain criteria to be eligible for the WakeMed program.  Eligibility criteria include:

  • Household income below 250 percent of the federal poverty level
  • Limited assets (An asset is an automobile, stocks and bonds, a house, etc.)
  • The amount of money owed WakeMed and other health care providers
  • The cost of monthly medical necessities for health and safety (examples include prescriptions, items needed for wound care, etc.)

WakeMed financial analysts help patients determine their eligibility.  Patients must meet all of the above criteria in order to qualify for financial assistance.

How the Federal Poverty Guideline Works

Number of People in the Household  Federal Poverty Level Guideline
 1  Household income below $29,425
 2  Household income below $39,825
 3  Household income below $50,225
 4  Household income below $60,625
 5  Household income below $71,025
 6  Household income below $81,425
 7  Household income below $91,825
 8  Household income below $102,225
  • For families with more than eight members, add $10,400.00 for each additional member.
  • The figures provided are based on the federal poverty guidelines published in the Federal Register, January 22, 2015, pp. 3236-3237

Example:  If two people live in the home, the total household income must be below $39,325 in order to qualify for financial assistance with medical bills.  If just one person in the home has an income, then we just look at that single income as the total household income.  If both people have incomes, we add them together to get the total household income.

Uninsured patients who qualify for financial assistance are responsible for paying copayments at WakeMed facilities and at WakeMed physician practices.  Copayments depend on where you receive care and the type of service you receive.

WakeMed Facilities

  • $100 - Emergency department visit
  • $25 - X-ray visit
  • $50 - CT scan, MRI or nuclear medicine visit
  • $100 - Endoscopy, angiography or sleep study visit
  • $500 -- Surgical (inpatient or outpatient) visit
  • $500 - Medical admission

WakeMed Physician Practices

  • $15 - Primary care clinic visit (visit is in a WakeMed Family Medicine, Children's Primary Care or General Internal Medicine clinics)
  • $25 - Specialty care (ex. neurologist, general surgeon, etc.) clinic visit
  • $75 - Same-day surgery (procedure performed in a WakeMed Day Surgery facility)
  • $100 - Medical admission to the hospital
  • $150 - Inpatient surgical admission (surgery performed at a WakeMed hospital that requires at least a 24-hour stay)

We Are Here to Help

At WakeMed we are committed to caring for all individuals, regardless of their ability to pay.  Please do not let the fear of not being able to pay your medical bills interfere with seeking care at a WakeMed facility for a medical problem.  It is proven that many medical issues, if left untreated, can worsen and require a higher level of care, recovery time and cost than if they are treated early. 

Help is available.  If you would like to discuss financial assistance with your medical bills with a WakeMed Financial Analyst, please call 919-350-8359.

Financial Policy

Read WakeMed's Patient Billing Information & Financial Policy English | Spanish