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Heart & Vascular

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Heart Attack

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The heart is a muscle that needs oxygen and nutrients found in your blood in order to pump more blood rich with these essential ingredients to other parts of your body. The blood is delivered to the heart's walls via the coronary arteries.

When these arteries become blocked or narrowed, and the heart's muscle walls are starved of vital oxygen and nutrients, a heart attack occurs.

The Warning Signs of Heart Attack

  • Uncomfortable pressure, fullness, squeezing or pain in the center of the chest that lasts more than a few minutes, or goes away and comes back.
  • Pain that spreads to the shoulders, neck or arms.
  • Chest discomfort with lightheadedness, fainting, sweating, nausea or shortness of breath.
  • As a woman, YOU may have these less common warning signs:
    • Atypical chest pain, stomach or abdominal pain.
    • Nausea or dizziness without chest pain.
    • Shortness of breath and difficulty breathing without chest pain.
    • Unexplained anxiety, weakness or fatigue.
    • Palpitations, cold sweat or paleness.

What to do when you think you are having a Heart Attack

What happens when you arrive at the hospital - Code STEMI