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Are you drinking your calories?

Do you think that the juice box you just gave your child is healthy?  What about the three glasses of sweet tea you just had with lunch?  Do you believe that children need whole milk to grow strong and healthy?  Get the facts on beverages and calories.

Your best choice for a beverage is water!

Fruit juices are loaded with sugar.  Limit to six ounces a day and make sure that you drink one that is 100% fruit juice, with no added sugar.
Many teens drink nearly 20% of their daily calories.  That's equal to 20 teaspoons a day!

Avoid the iced coffees, sweet teas, sodas, milk shakes and other beverages that are high in sugar.  Instead, choose bottled water, water sweetened with a wedge of lemon or orange, or a flavor pack.

Pick up the old standby - low-fat or 1%  milk!  Many teens are facing bone loss later in life as many don't get enough calcium. If they won't drink regular milk, try one of the flavored, low-fat soy milks, such as chocolate or strawberry.

If you drink coffee, replace your cream or half-n-half with fat-free varieties or fat-free flavored creamers.  You'll get the same, rich taste, without the added calories.

Did you know that if you cut out one sugar sweetened drink a day, you'll lose 15 pounds a year?

Make sure you know what a serving is of a bottled or canned drink. Often, these drinks will have more than one serving.  Look at the Nutrition Facts label to see what a serving equals.