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We Can Fix This

WakeMed launched the Let's Fix This campaign because healthcare consumers deserve an honest debate - and honest answers - about how together we can improve healthcare access, costs, and quality.  

Every day, our doctors, nurses and staff fix people's medical problems.  Their voices need to be heard in this debate.  Without them, we can't fix the problem of high health care costs - and still provide quality care to everyone.

Hospitals, especially, have a responsibility to provide information and propose answers.  Hospitals across America have been the targets recently of a lot of questions - and a lot of criticism.  Some of it is deserved.  Some of it deserves more context and clarity.

Hospital bills are confusing.  It is hard for patients to know what a hospital stay will cost them.  We need to do better: hospitals, doctors, insurance companies, government and patients together.

The whole system of paying for health care is confusing.  We can't fix it if we don't understand it.

For 52 years, WakeMed's mission has been to provide high-quality medical care to everyone regardless of their ability to pay.  That will always be our mission.  That should be the goal of all of us in North Carolina and America.

It's a daunting challenge.  We can meet it only if we meet the facts head-on, discuss the problem honestly and work together to find the solutions.

We at WakeMed are ready to talk, and we're ready to fix this.