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Critical Values Tables

Critical Laboratory Values are defined as values that represent an immediately life-threatening pathophysiological state for any patient regardless of clinical status and which require prompt intervention.  All critical laboratory values will be called to a responsible licensed caregiver within 30 minutes.


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 Chemistry Blood Gas  Hematology Anatomic Pathology
 Drugs Microbiology    

Chemistry Critical Values

  Chemistry Tests  Equal to or Less Than  Equal to or Greater Than
Bilirubin:  Age 0 - 30 days    15.0 mg/dL
Calcium, Total    6.5 mg/dL  12.0 mg/dL
Calcium, Ionized    3.5 mg/dL    5.8 mg/dL
CO2 content  11.0 mmol/L  40.0 mmol/L

Glucose:  Age 0-24 hrs

    (random, fasting, tolerance)

 40 mg/dL

400 mg/dL

Glucose:  Age >24 hrs

    (random, fasting, tolerance)

 50 mg/dL 400 mg/dL
Magnesium     1.0 mg/dL     5.0 mg/dL
Osmolality, Measured 250 mOsm/kg  335 mOsm/kg
Phosphorus      1.0 mg/dL  
Potassium     2.5 mmol/L     6.5 mmol/L
Sodium  120 mmol/L 160 mmol/L

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Hematology and Coagulation Critical Values

 Hematology Tests  Equal to or Less Than  Equal to or Greater Than

 60% Greater then one month of age

70% Less than or equal to one month of age

 Hemoglobin 6 g/dL  
 WBC 1.0 K/uL  50 K/uL
 Blasts   Presence (>0)
 Malaria   Presence (>0)
Partial Thromboplastin Time   85 sec.
Prothrombin Time     40 sec.
  International NormalizedRatio (INR)       5.0


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Drug Critical Values

 Drug  Equal to or Less Than   Equal to or Greater Than
 Acetaminophen    50 ug/mL
 Digoxin      2.5 ng/dL
Lidocaine      6.5 ug/mL
Lithium      1.5 mmol/L
 Procainamide (+ NAPA)    30 ug/mL

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Blood Gas Critical Values
Blood Gas Test  Values Less Than Values Greater Than
Arterial Blood Gas:  Adult    
            pH    7.25 units    7.60 units
            pCO2 25 mmHg 60 mmHg
            pO2 60 mmHg  
Arterial Blood Gas:  Newborn    
            pH    7.20 units    7.50 units
            pCO2 30 mmHg 60 mmHg
            pO2 40 mmHg 90 mmHg


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Microbiology Critical Values
Test Name Result
Blood Culture Positive Culture or Gram Stain
CSF Culture Positive Culture or Gram Stain
Cryptococcal Antigen Positive
India Ink Exam Positive


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Updated 8/26/2010