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Collecting a 24 hour Urine Specimen

Before your test
Our laboratory staff has prepared a container for your urine specimen collection.  It may contain a preservative that may be caustic.  Please do not spill the contents of the container.

Avoid alcoholic beverages and vitamin supplements for 24 hours prior to the collection period as well as during the collection process.   Do not discontinue any medication unless instructed by your physician.

If you have any questions, please call the Pathology Information Center at (919) 350-8242.

Begin your test
Empty your bladder into the toilet when you get up in the morning.  Do not save this urine.  Remember what time you did this and write it on the collection container.

For the next 24 hours:
From this point on, every time you go to the bathroom, you should collect all your urine in a clean cup and pour it into the container that has been provided for you.  We can provide you with a second container if needed.  Call 350-8242 if you have any concerns.

The next morning
Your final collection should be the next morning about the same time you started testing yesterday.  Be sure to pour this urine into the container.  Write the time on the container.

How to store the container
Keep the collection container refrigerated if you can.  Placing the container in a cooler on ice is also an option.

Returning the container
Return the collection container to the WakeMed laboratory that provided you with the container as soon as possible after the collection period. 

Special requirements
Occasionally a test will require that the collection container be refrigerated or kept on ice.  Sometimes the container will need to be protected from strong light.  The laboratory staff will let you know if any of these requirements apply.

How can I get my results?
Your test results will be sent directly to your physician.  Laboratory employees are not permitted to release test results to patients.

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