On “My Account” there are descriptions regarding my consideration. What do they mean?

Resume Received by Recruiter: Confirms your resume was received online.

Did Not Pass Screening Questions: You may have completed an online screening questionnaire requested by the hiring manager. The questions are used to help narrow the pool of applicants. If you did not pass, it means one or more of your responses did not match the hiring manager's preferred answer.

Pre-Screening: The recruiter is evaluating your online information. Sometimes we are verifying criminal background, references, prior employment with WakeMed or clarifying information with a hiring manager before we can determine if you can be moved through for consideration.

Under consideration, other candidates routed to hiring manager: It is not uncommon for some positions to have over 100 applicants. This description means an initial group of applicants (based on date of submission) has been sent through to the hiring manager. Your application may be routed at a later date if a second pool is needed.

Disqualified, pursuing other candidates: The content of your resume/application was compared to the posting details for education, experience requirements and if specified, credentials. If your information did not match the posting criteria, your application/resume cannot be sent through for consideration by the Hiring Manager.

Resume Routed to Hiring Manager: This means your stated experience, education or credentials met the specified posting details. The Hiring Manager is now viewing your resume along with other candidates in the qualified pool.

Not Selected for an Interview: The Hiring Manager has viewed your qualifications along with other qualified candidates, and has determined to pursue other candidates (typically on the basis of experience or education).

Interview Being Considered by Hiring Manager: The Hiring Manager indicates an interest in your candidacy, along with other candidates and is considering who will be called for an interview.

Under Consideration, Hiring Manager Still Considering After Interview: You have been interviewed and the Hiring Manager is still considering you. Often, the hiring manager is continuing their pre-scheduled interviews and prefers to finish those before making a decision on the final candidate they want to hire.

Not Selected as Final Candidate After Interview: You were one of the few applicants selected for an interview, however the hiring manager has narrowed down the interviewees and is pursing another candidate at this time.

This Position Has Been Filled: The position is no longer available. Even when you see this status online, you may continue to see the position posted on our Web site. It will be posted until the selected candidate has accepted the offer and arrives as planned.